Zelensky called for the establishment of the law on the functions of the first lady

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The President believes that such legislation is necessary to Ukraine.

President Vladimir Zelensky in favour of the creation of a law which will regulate the Institute of the first lady, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

According to Zelensky, his wife Helen often faced with unfounded criticism. As an example, he recalled the situation with the doctor who acted, in his opinion, wrong.

“We had so story, which we didn’t want to talk. She wrote letters of support to all the doctors who contracted the coronavirus. And even all those who treated the sick with coronavirus, but just sick to it. Wrote letters, but I didn’t want this PR,” — said the President.

“The negative PR she did the man who responded: what are these? Where are my 300 percent? Unfortunately, this doctor could not get the 300 per cent, he not save people from the coronavirus. And this Supplement can only get to the doctors, struggling with the coronavirus, who risked their lives, ” said Zelensky.

According to him, the first lady does a lot of things, but does not report it publicly, despite his beliefs. “But I don’t want to change it. It is more important to me as my wife, the mother of my children than the first lady,” said Zelensky.

“After this incident, I realized that the problem is that there is no legislation that regulates the Institute of the first lady. I’m sure of it now. The first lady, at least in the future, should be duties. I think so. Seriously,” — said the President.

Zelenski said that with such a law people will understand choosing the President, what will do first lady.

“By the way, I want to develop with my wife and her assistants bill at the legislative level to fix this issue. Here do not need any government funding,” — said the President.