Ukrainians promise “weather swings” this summer


Temperature fluctuations are natural.

Climatologist Svetlana Boychenko predicts that Ukraine will “weather swings” — abrupt changes in weather conditions from cold to warm, from wet to dry, while the summers can be unexpectedly cool, prolonged, rainy, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

“Moving on climate historical past, in accordance with the results of instrumental observations, we can get the warming, then cold. Again, we are now undergoing the “maximum warming”. 30-40 years of this temperature fluctuation will have a downward wave on the background of General warming, but in 2060-2070 years wave will again take the upward position (these periods last approximately 60 years),” she said.

According to Boychenko, temperature fluctuations are natural. According to some hypotheses, these waves can form volcanic activity and the ocean. But we should not forget about the external factors that can generate this type of oscillation.

“Mechanism of the effect of the volcanoes is proved. Volcanoes spew your stuff into the stratosphere, to a height of 20-25 km, the pollution of the stratosphere gases and ashes. Emissions, e.g., SO2 in the stratosphere lead to the formation of sulphate aerosols. These aerosols can remain in the stratosphere for up to several years, performing the role antipenkova components”, — Boychenko told.

She notes that scientists observed that after a powerful eruption on the earth it is cold. But it is important that these eruptions took place in the Equatorial-tropical zone, then they are spread around the globe. If the eruption is closer to the pole, the effect is local and minimal impact on the climate.

“In addition, if the atmosphere will reach a celestial body, a meteorite, a gas-aerosol pollution of the atmosphere will also lead to cooling of the planet. That is, in the earth’s climate system has both external and internal regulators”, — Boychenko explained.

According to her, the increased power of natural phenomena is manifested by the scale on the territory of Ukraine.

“It’s more sudden changes in temperature (temperature swing), hurricane-force winds, dust storms, downpours, droughts and more powerful tornadoes. Anomalous phenomena are more spread on the territory of Ukraine. If they had a local character, now affect a large area,” she said.