The ex-wife of Ostapchuk told about debts and betrayals leading


Elena Voychenko gave a Frank interview.

After a scandalous divorce, Vladimir Ostapchuk and Elena Voychenko exchange accusations against each other. Recently, the entertainer filed a request to DCFS to conduct a psychological examination of Helen, and stated that it inflicts on their children in their manipulation, reports the with reference for Today.

The former wife of Ostapchuk persuade the entertainer to introduce children to the new girlfriend, and in a recent interview spoke about the debts of the presenter, infidelity, and admitted that he thinks about his new woman – Christine miner.

So, Elena Voychenko took part in the YouTube show “Without complexes”, where he shared details of living together with Vladimir Ostapchuk. She claims that the ex-husband repeatedly cheated on her, even during her second pregnancy.

“When Evan was more than six months, Vladimir gave me his old phone so I used it. And in this phone in the gallery he left photos and screenshots of correspondence with other women. There were three of them,” says Elena.

The photo was a Nude woman, and correspondence – discussion of joint meetings, trips abroad. Elena noted that mistress of Ostapchuk was in other countries, where he led the event.

Voychenko also remembered how during the participation of Vladimir Ostapchuk in the project “Dances with stars z” in the air showed that his speech about family values:

“Was the live “Dancing with the stars” about the wedding. In the plot shown our wedding, and at the end he said he loves me and devotes me a dance. And at that time he was already in a relationship with this girl, they already flew to Paris.”

The very same Vladimir earlier in an interview said that during the “Tanzu s with a stars” video with Christina miner called each other on “you”, and their relationship began much later.


Additionally, Ostapchuk was calculated with a credit card, the mother of his children when he went to the apartment to a new passion: “He went to her apartment and paid off my credit card for Uber”.

Voychenko said in an interview about the debts that Vladimir Ostapchuk was taken from her family to buy a house and expensive car Jaguar for 40 thousand dollars. The car he still drives without returning borrowed money. According to ex-wife’s lead, she had to repay the debt.

However, of the new woman ex-husband of Elena, nothing bad can not say. “I think they make a good couple. We have friends in common with Christina, and I know Vladimir will be hard to hurt her. Even with all his talents. Simply because that will make it difficult,” says Voychenko.