Scientists have named the main cause of female alcoholism.


The results of the researches of the American scientists.

Scientists from the University of Illinois in Chicago came to the conclusion that high levels of the female hormone estrogen may make alcohol consumption more pleasant, reports the with reference to Browser.

Relevant article scientists published in the journal of Neuroscience.

As the authors of the study, at high concentrations of estrogen the brain more actively develops in response to ethanol the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with feelings of pleasure.

In turn, the increase in the activity of dopamine neurons may lead to a more pleasant feeling from drinking alcohol, the researchers explain.

So, in the new work, the researchers used brain tissue of the dead female mice in different phases of the sexual cycle of the estrogen has been upgraded and part – downgraded. Scientists activated the estrogen receptors and monitored the response of dopamine neurons to alcohol.

“Greater pleasure can lead to alcohol abuse, particularly binge,” warns the study’s lead author, biologist and psychiatrist Amy LASEK.

In another experiment, scientists found that reducing the number of estrogen receptors, such as alpha-receptors, has led to reduced interest in alcohol, but only in females.

The sex differentials in the fight against alcoholism, are likely to find more effective approaches to treatment, scientists say.