Niece of Sofia Rotaru married and first showed his chosen

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The star shared wedding photos.

Over the weekend the singer Sonya Kay, who happens to be the niece of Sofia Rotaru, was married. Shortly thereafter, the young artist shared the news with followers on Instagram, which also showed the wife-athlete, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

The chosen girl was the hockey team of Ukraine Oleg Petrov, whom she carefully concealed till the marriage. “I was overwhelmed with emotions, I could not believe that this day has come. Now the man of my dreams, became my husband,” said the singer.

The celebration took place at the hotel Fairmont. Apparently, the wedding, the couple celebrated with family. Were present at the event and a 72-year-old said. “I am grateful to the family, Sofia Mikhailovna, the Aurika Mikhailovna, Anastasia Rotaru, and also to everyone who attended this auspicious day and shared the joy with us, — said Sonya Kay. — I am happy and let it be forever.”

Initially, the singer and her fiance were planning a full wedding ceremony with lush and loud party. At the celebration the pair were going to invite about a hundred guests, but because of the recent tragedy in the family of the singer, the couple decided to celebrate the event in a close circle of family and friends. In late March, Sonya Kay lost her father.

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