Near Odessa, the child jumped out of a car, escaping from a kidnapper


The attacker managed to hold.

In the Odessa region, in broad daylight, a pedophile tried to kidnap 7-year-old girl, the child was able to go to jump out of the car, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Ian played only a few meters in front of his own house, within minutes a black car stopped near the girl. The driver suddenly got out of the car and started to ask if she will show where the store is. To get in the car, the child immediately declined. And the man all talked and talked, and gave the girl a toy. Also proposed to take any other that the machine on the back seat.

The child does not even have time to recover, when suddenly behind him the door closed, the girl was very frightened, began to cry and grasp at everything around it. Although the car and moved, but the guy forgot to push the lock button, so the child accidentally pressed the knob and the door opened.

“Of course, the husband immediately got in the car, tried to find some, because, you know, a small village, but he never found. We immediately contacted the police. The police arrived very quickly. And once its there in a few hours and took,” says the mother of the stolen girl Marina.

It turned out that after a failed attempt to kidnap a child is a pedophile had just erupted on the same day decided to try again. He admitted that he had prepared in advance a toy to lure the child. During the interrogation, he spoke directly about the kidnapping, and at least the undressing girls.

“Against it the criminal proceedings are opened under article 146 of the criminal code of Ukraine — deliberate deprivation of liberty or kidnapping. When it seized a mobile phone, which includes photos and videos with pornographic content involving children”, — said the head of GUNP in Odessa region Oleh Bech.

Caught 40 years old, married and not officially working. And on life earns driving a taxi.

On the same day a similar message about the attempt to kidnap the child, the police received from the parents of a minor resident of the neighboring Berezovsky district. Currently checked the involvement of the attacker to the crime.

The court sent the detained under house arrest.