Named place on the planet with the cleanest air


The air here is less exposed to the effects of people and dust from the continents.

On the Ground discovered a region of the atmosphere, which is not affected by human activities. So, the cleanest air on the planet can be found in the southern ocean South of 40 degrees South latitude, reports the with reference to Browser.

The discovery was made by scientists from Colorado State University.

As the authors of the study, in this place there were no aerosols resulting from anthropogenic activities and transported by the wind over great distances.

Scientists have suggested that the air over the remote Southern ocean surrounding Antarctica, will be less susceptible to people and dust from the continents.

Samples were collected during the field research, the ship with the scientists went to the South of Tasmania to the ice edge of Antarctica. Air samples were taken in the marine boundary layer that has direct contact with the ocean.

Using DNA sequencing, it was found that microorganisms in the air samples was a local, got there from the surrounding ocean. According to scientists, the air over the Southern ocean was so clear that the researchers did not have enough DNA to work with.