Lesya Nikityuk in a short denim dress fell down the stairs


The star does not lose his optimism even in such situations.

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk, which recently unveiled its parameters, and showed funny footage, which is captured in an awkward pose. The actress fell down the stairs, and the moment was captured on camera. As always cheerful Nikityuk came out of this situation with humor, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

Earlier, Lesya Nikityuk talking about your secret to the man. TV star said that her life is the closest man she can call and former, current and even permanent.

Profile Lesya Nikityuk often appear pictures, which she shows off her figure in skimpy outfits. This time in the frame of a celebrity appeared in no less spectacular Luke, but in an unexpected pose.

So, for the next release nikitiuk wearing a pretty short dress, which emphasized her long legs. But there was an incident, and during the fall from the stairs of a celebrity’s outfit almost exposed her naughty place.


Despite the drop, Les was in a good mood and in a peculiar manner, the signed photo: “a Star has fallen. Make a wish”.

Fans backed the favourite in the comments. “Les as usual”, “I Love you, speed racer!”, “Les, your aura is reflected in each photo” – write users.