In Ukraine for monitoring compliance with quarantine will attract volunteers

Zelensky held a meeting on the situation with coronavirus.

In Ukraine began to do more tests for coronavirus, however, despite this, the daily number recovered from the coronavirus still exceeds the number of infected. The President Vladimir Zelensky said at a meeting in the Office of the President, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

So, Zelensky said that Ukraine over the past day the number of those who recovered from coronavirus infection COVID-19, exceeded the number of those who are ill: 341 and 339 people, respectively.

“This is the minimum exceedance and reduction in the number of patients even with increasing testing indicate a trend towards overcoming the epidemic,” said Zelensky.

He also supported the implementation in Ukraine of Italian ideas on attracting volunteers to assist in complying with security measures.

“This is a very good idea. Support its implementation in Ukraine. Volunteers could remind people about the need for social distance, wearing masks. Thus, on the basis of the quarantine, we would remember that the threat still exists and it is necessary to observe safety rules”, — said Vladimir Zelensky.

He also raised the issue of insurance for physicians who are struggling with coronavirus infection.

“We talked about the good example of the Lugansk regional state administration, which insured all physicians working on the front line. I have already noted that it is necessary to implement in Ukraine. Please collect all the documents that will let you know when our doctors will be insured”, — the President said to the Minister of community development and of the territories of Ukraine Alexei Chernyshev.