Ukrainians warned of water shortage

In General, domestic and economic needs of Ukraine in the water will be provided.

In Gospodarstva reported that water shortage problems have adopted the necessary measures to ensure that the population and economy of water resources during the summer, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“To avoid shortage of water resources determined the optimal modes of water bodies. Those are the agreed “rules of the game” with the users for a balanced water management in conditions of water shortage,” — said the Deputy head of the Agency Mikhail Khorev at an extraordinary meeting of the State Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations.

Provided that the overall content of the reservoirs allows to provide the full water needs of the Ukrainians. This drinking and domestic needs of the population and needs irrigation.

It is noted that the filling of water reservoirs Pidsichno and Denisovskoe, which are sources of water for the city of Zhytomyr, located above of artificial water bodies shed water, but this has not solved the problem as a whole.

“Michael Horev said that Gospodarstva prepared strategic documents for modeling water deficit, the water balance, which provide an opportunity to assess and identify what areas will have water shortage,” — said the press service.

It is also reported that when Gospodarstva the beginning of the work of the expert group, which will develop strategic directions for the conservation of water in conditions of water shortage.