Restore the light and protect the eye: named for the healing properties of tomatoes

They should eat more often.

The fight against cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s — here are just a few of the useful properties possessed by ordinary tomatoes, reports the with reference to Browser.

Nutritionists appreciate tomatoes for low calories and a large amount of lycopene, and cooks with their help increase the palatability of foods.

As recently discovered scientific experiments, the beneficial properties of tomatoes, according to the publication Medical News Today, increase after heat treatment.

So below are the top 10 little-known useful properties of tomatoes, which is worth knowing for everyone.

1. The high content of lycopene strengthens bones and potassium protects the muscles from damage, normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, folic acid prevents the occurrence of myocardial infarction and stroke.

2. Lycopene prevents the thickening of blood.

3. With regular use of tomatoes in humans is an excellent prevention of neurological diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

4. The nutrients contained in tomatoes, protects brain cells with alcohol and protect the liver, accelerating the process of recovery of enzymes in the body.

5. Tomatoes protect our eyes from light damage when working at the computer and prevent the development of certain diseases of the eye.

6. People who quit Smoking the tomatoes contribute to the restoration of the lungs.

7. Men who use weekly for 10 tomatoes, helping your body to avoid the risk of developing prostate cancer.

8. In addition, due to the carotenoids that protect the skin from sunburn, tomatoes reduce the risk of skin cancer by 50%.

9. Vitamin C in tomatoes is useful to normalize the production of collagen — an important element of elasticity.

10. The immune system will also thank you for the helpful vitamins C and E that increases the production of white blood cells.