Ukraine’s public debt decreased by 1% from the total amount

All Ukraine needs 76,26 billion.

In may 2018, the national debt was reduced by $790 million Is about 1% of the total amount of debt to foreign investors and funds. Recall that the total debt of Ukraine is now 76,26 billion.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine said that in UAH equivalent national debt was reduced to 1.4%. From the beginning, the amount of debt contracted by 0.1% in the national currency this figure fell from 6.9%.

The Ministry reported that the financial reserves in Ukraine will be enough to pay debts on scheduled payments until 2020. The NBU has preserved the conditions for entrepreneurs to sell half of currency earnings on the interbank market. This will improve the situation, stabilize the exchange rate and will help Ukraine to cope with the loan payments.Experts from VoxUkraine has published a detailed report on the macroeconomic situation in the country. According to these data, Ukraine has enough reserves to pay for the loan to foreign investors. In the case of the deterioration of the situation, the hryvnia will begin devaluation, Ukraine’s GDP will decrease by 10-15%.