Scientists have discovered the reason for the extinction of polar bears

These animals have become very rare.

Previously it was thought that this would happen because of the clubfoot, which leads to a large energy consumption. Now, however, it turned out that
the main reason for the disappearance of animals lies deep in the eternal ice. This writes with reference to .

Polar bears are considered to be one of the largest mammals that has retained the posture of copepods. Scientists can not determine how to calculate the efficiency of the walk of these animals and to carry out the necessary measurements. Biologist Anthony Pagano, who works with the University of California at Santa Cruz, said that he most likes the study of polar bears walking on the treadmill. This method is considered more correct than can make animals just to go somewhere.

Now scientists have named the main cause of the extinction of bears is the melting of ice. The fact that animals are looking for food on the surface of the ice. If the latter is not, then the bears will not be able to sneak up on and catch prey. In result, the bear will starve, and the whole species gradually die out.According to environmentalists, by 2028, the population of polar bears will fall to a critical level with the existing rates of melting of the Northern ice.

Scientists from California have also conducted measurements toed gait of the bears with a treadmill for horses. The results of the study found that “clubfoot” cause the extinction of the species can not be named.