Racing on buses in Kiev almost ended in tragedy

The incident occurred at the stop “Marshal Konev”.

Yesterday, June 25, in the capital’s residential area Teremki-2 bus of the fallen woman. It happened at a time when the driver was trying to overtake a competitor, – reported by eyewitnesses in social networks.

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The incident occurred at the stop “Marshal Konev” around 19:00. The driver of the 499-th bus was trying to overtake a competitor with 491. The driver was in such a hurry, that clutched the woman’s leg back door and she fell back on the asphalt. According to an eyewitness, the victim only narrowly escaped hitting his head on the curb which was only 10 centimeters.

After the woman helped up, the driver jumped out of the bus and offered the victim money. He also asked her not to call the police.Representatives of PE “Tandem”, the company that manages this route, replied to reporters that “on Facebook and write a lot of things,” about the incident don’t know anything and advised to submit the request.