Wounded Rome told the details of the attack

The Racha five stab wounds.

One of the victims in the attack on the Gypsy camp in Lviv Rach Pop said that the attack on the camp occurred around midnight, when its inhabitants were sleeping.

According to him, the ten young people in masks attacked with knives and beaten all who came to hand, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“Knife here, bill. Knives were, the hammers are all there. Shouted: “kill,**nd, Gypsies,” says the victim.

The Racha five stab wounds: four to the back, one in the arm. His 24-year-old brother David was injured, incompatible with life, and died in hospital.

The attackers wounded another young man, 30 year old woman and her 10-year-old brother, but hospitalization is not needed.

People who have next to cottages, they say the camp here has appeared recently. The Roma have had some part-time work and even processed local gardens.

“The thefts were not, everything was fine. It’s the same people, whatever they may be, people should respect,” say the locals.

The representative of the Roma community in Lviv is concerned: attacks on Roma increased, but before the murder had not reached.The victims of the attack were sheltered by the city government. The place and number of people, for security reasons not disclosed.