Vladimir Pozner said, is there freedom of speech in Russia

According to the leading media with a relatively small audience of “almost all”.

Government pressure on the media in Russia of the election. This broadcaster Vladimir Pozner said in an interview published on June 22, reports citing .

In his words, “freedom of speech is a corridor, which in any country, there are wall”. “We have this corridor varies depending on who we’re talking about. If it is about media with a relatively small audience, the corridor wide. Almost everything is possible. They are not dangerous, they have no effect. Once the media opens to a large audience, the corridor becomes narrow. For example, if it is about Federal TV, the political line firmly controlled by the Kremlin, and when we watch the news on these channels, we see the same thing,” explained the journalist.

Posner acknowledged that in America “has always been different.” “Once the media were there independent in the sense that every media outlet owned by the same person or group of people, but not conglomerate. And it was the Golden age. People can compare different points of view. Now there is more. Large channels become the property of even larger structures,” he said. The presenter called it a “very bad” process.

“The policy of the corporations begins to have value. After all, the main idea in the media becomes a business. Of course, given American tradition, the corridor there are wider than ours. But it narrowed. Recently a very famous cartoonist kicked out of the newspaper for a caricature of trump. It has nothing to do with it. It can not be anyone to drive. But the cartoonist said he had to “keep the philosophy of this edition”. This has never happened before. There is a gradual narrowing of the corridor, and I’m so sorry,” he said.In the ranking of freedom of speech the international organization “reporters without borders” as of 2018 Russia ranks 148 th place, and the United States 45.

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