Up for sale is a fancy VW Aquila

Not surprisingly, if you’ve never heard of VW Aquila.

It was not a production model, complete car, used VW Beetle components, in an exotic style, like the BMW M1, with doors “gull-wing”, writes with reference to .

Now on eBay sold by the 137th car out of 150 released. With a bright cream color of the body and the well-restored interior with an embroidered name on carpeting and bucket seats upholstered in leatherette.

Among other equipment — sports steering wheel, an overhead console, a computer for fuel economy SpaceKom Autocomp 7000A and a full set of Stewart Warner dials mounted on the dashboard with a nutty coating. Under the hood is a 1,200 CC VW Beetle engine, four-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive.

In the end, while Aquila may be registered as a Beetle in 1963, the future owner will see that it doesn’t sound like a bug, because it has a special exhaust system to give the soundtrack that is appropriate to a sports car.