Unique Panda has scientists baffled

Panda named Kisai for nine years.

Experts have been unable to explain why wool pandas living on the reserve in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, has a brown color.

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Panda named Kisai for nine years, and he is the only holder brown-white color, under the supervision of experts. An animal found in the wild at two months of age. Scientists believe that his mother left.

Previously it was thought that Kitai is the only Panda in the world with similar colors, but later in the same province was discovered its wild relatives with similar fur. There are a total of 10 entries about the discovery of pandas with this coloration, and they were all seen in one Chinese province.

In June there was established a research center to study the phenomenon of brown coloration of giant pandas. Experts hope that a group of scientists will be able to understand why Kisai has such a unique color. Zoologists do not prevent mating pandas with other members, as I plan to study, what would be its offspring.In the wild there are about 1.6 thousand giant pandas in zoos and specialized centres — about 300 individuals.