Unexplained movement “enchanted” doll caught on video

Hand toy moved by itself.

On YouTube was posted a video in which a creepy way itself is moving rag doll. Posted video of the user under the name killerscott666 and he told the story of this doll, reports citing .

It is reported that the author of the video is a Manager in a charity shop somewhere in Scotland and new entrants in the toys in the bag were found this rag doll.

These dolls under the name “Raggedy Ann” in the 50-70-ies widely sold in many baby stores of the West, and now in some places they meet. But not so widely and mostly for collectors, because these dolls bad fame. One of them was the famous cursed doll Annabelle.

Seeing the doll, the Manager put it, then was surprised to find her on another place. Thinking that he’s wrong, the man put the doll in place and photographed her. He later came back and filmed it. Comparing the two shots, he realized with horror that the doll different doll was moving!

The Manager put the doll on the shelf to her no one accidentally touched, and then pulled out her phone camera and set the shooting. At the end of the day the man came to check the camera and saw that the phone was dropped, but something he had to shoot.

In the video, around the 2.40 mark you can see how one arm of the doll moving slowly in short jerks. The phone and fell down for no apparent reason.

In addition to the captured frightening video Manager wrote that the doll even unpleasant to touch and everyone who is beside her, begins the deterioration of health.While this video is really quite frightening, skeptics write that the doll could be faked, tied to her strings, for example.

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