Ukraine does not let Russian TV presenter

The special services of Ukraine told the broadcaster that he is a threat to national security.

The guards were not allowed to Ukraine of the Russian TV host Yevgeny Primakov. The journalist arrived in the Kiev airport on Tuesday, June 26, and was planning to cover the visit to Kiev of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova. As transfers the Internet-edition reported, citing a source close to the journalist.

“When crossing the border Primakov was detained, stating that it is “a threat to national security of Ukraine. Now, he awaits deportation in a transit area without a passport. He will be banned from entering Ukraine for five years,” – said the source publication.

Press Secretary of President Putin Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is not yet familiar with the circumstances that caused the failure of the journalist Yevgeny Primakov entry to Ukraine, but promised to investigate the incident.Yevgeny Primakov – Russian journalist, member of Public chamber of the Russian Federation. Is the grandson of former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. The author and presenter of International review on TV channel Russia 24, heads a non-profit organization Russian humanitarian mission.