Timur Miroshnychenko has told how he was present at childbirth. Video

The presenter shared the experience with Katya Osadchaya.

Presenter Timur Miroshnichenko recently became a father. He was born first. His wife gave birth to a daughter, whom they named as MIA reported, citing .

Timur Miroshnichenko said that he participated in the delivery partner. And in an interview with Ekaterina Osadchaya said, how was the birth:

“The doctors at the hospital did everything to something that I didn’t need to see, I have not seen. That is, I nothing saw. Moreover, me in the hospital said that this is the stereotype that when men fall in a swoon, and that the hospital only 18 men lost consciousness”, – said the presenter.”I did not cut the umbilical cord, I was offered, but still I think everyone needs to do their job. I’m not asking for me to comment on the Eurovision”, – said Miroshnichenko.