These products are worse suited for consumption for dinner

The expert told about the rules of a healthy diet in the evening.

How to make the most complete sleep and avoid nightmares in adults and children? Surprisingly, a lot depends on what you ate for dinner, reported, citing .

First, install in the family solid food habit: do not eat tightly before going to sleep and not to eat at night heavy food. Try to instill this habit to children. She is healthy, and your scope of parental responsibility includes the formation of children’s healthy habits (harmful plant without you). Think about it: you have only 10-20 years to give the child something useful. And then it habits, including food, will deal a husband or wife…

Secondly, do not use sleeping pills. Usually doctors recommend not to abuse it to take no more than ten consecutive days, but frequent nightmares similar drugs is better to exclude in General. A significant portion suppresses REM sleep, which gives people the opportunity to dream. But the body can not do without this phase do, he’ll make it up to you: in ten days of taking sleeping pills, you’ll pay at least five luxurious nights of nightmares.

Choosing the menu for dinner, consider the digestion of food to the point of falling asleep, the stomach should be nearly empty, so between the last meal and falling asleep should take at least 45-60 minutes. If you and your children go to sleep in 23 hours, then leave for a late table to be at 22:15 max.

For the longest time to digest meat, fish, poultry and mushrooms (four or five hours or more), especially in combination with potatoes. Vegetables without adding animal protein processed the stomach quickly (a couple of hours), but vegetable salads with oil for much longer (three and a half to four hours).

Mushrooms, according to some sources, generally the most heavy on the stomach product — they are digested up to seventeen hours, so it’s best to eat them for Breakfast.The optimal dish for dinner can be considered dairy products and eggs in any combination: omelets, quiches, mousses and so on. For dinner there is also cheese.