These methods will cleanse the circulatory system from nicotine

The doctors suggested how to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on the human body.

To nicotine, tar and other toxins of cigarette has got into the blood, not necessarily to become a smoker. Simply inhale the smoke or to go into the room where she smoked as we can talk about passive Smoking.

Most smokers do not think about the consequences that may result from their addiction. But there are those who want to smoke and maintain your health and to take care that others do not suffer.

To protect people the smoker can, if you will smoke in a specially designated place, but to cleanse the body of nicotine is not so easy.

The most effective method of removing decay products and tobacco smoke is a complete rejection of cigarettes. And if you quit Smoking immediately does not work, then you can use the following ways:

1. How to drink more water. It is known that it has cleansing properties, so it would be appropriate to drink water in order to release the vessels from nicotine.

2. To include in the diet of vitamin-enriched products. The most useful in this case are kiwi, berries, citrus fruits, apples, tomatoes, cabbage and so on.

3. Lean on milk and lactic acid drinks. Same healing effect have fresh juices and smoothies from fresh berries and vegetables.

4. Active sports, in this case, the body starts to clean itself and regenerate.

5. More walk in the fresh air. Particularly useful in the case of nicotine addiction walk in a coniferous forest.Take note of the advice of doctors and be healthy!