The who to include gambling in the list of official diseases

There are three main symptoms, which can establish a diagnosis.

The world health organization (who) listed “gaming disorder” in the global list of diseases. Now it’s more a fantasy of parents, dissatisfied with the fact that children spend too much time playing game consoles, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Now, according to the who classification, there are three main symptoms, which can establish a diagnosis:

– problems with self-control for gaming (people playing too often, abandons other activities, etc.);

– the displacement of other activities in life gaming;

– continued fascination with games despite the negative effects that it causes in life.

Experts point out that doctors have long been urged to recognize these signs of symptoms, despite the fact that unlike many diseases with clear symptoms, the negative effects can vary greatly from person to person.

Other experts note that in fact this description of dependence on computer games is comparable to the description of dependence on games of chance. In other words, the wording of the symptoms are very blurred and leaves a lot of space for uncertainty.In addition, the who recognizes that the number of people who can put such a diagnosis a small. “Millions of gamers who spend a lot of time to play, still do not fall under this diagnosis,” – declared the representative of who Vladimi Paznyak in an interview with CNN.

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