The US President has scared the American dealers of BMW and Audi

Trump will go on the introduction of fees.

A few days ago the President of the United States Donald trump decided in earnest to scare the European car manufacturers to import duties, and this despite the fact that the state is a WTO member. While it was limited to threats on Twitter, but foreign automotive publications have already talked to BMW and Audi dealers to find out their position in this regard.

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As informs edition Automotive News, Vice President of Priority 1 Automotive Group mark Cohen cautiously spoke about trump’s plan to introduce a tax of 20 percent on imported EU cars. He expects that this decision will negatively affect not only the ranking of trump, but also lead to tragic consequences for the activities of the companies that sells car companies Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG in Baltimore, Maryland.

Agreed with him and Frank Ursomarso – head of Union Park Automotive, which specializiruetsya on car sales BMW, Jaguar, and Volvo in Delaware. According to him, the intentions of the President of the United States looks daunting, because the expected appreciation of German cars would be passed on to customers, which would reduce the demand and give an advantage to manufacturers that produce models on American soil.

The President of the American international Association of dealers Cody Lusk’m sure if trump will go on the introduction of fees, it will undermine the credibility of the us car market, and in combination with rising prices for steel and aluminum, it can lead to disaster in the industry.