The United States strengthens its military facilities near Russian borders

USA are not establishing new military bases in former Soviet States.

The US quietly increase their investments in facilities of the air force in Eastern Europe on the Western flank of Russia that will allow Washington to quickly deploy its forces in this area, the newspaper Defense News.

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According to the newspaper, the White house is going to spend in 2019 on the creation of military infrastructure in Europe to 828 million dollars in the framework of large-scale efforts to curb “Russian aggression”, as well as to strengthen its allies. Almost half of this money will be allocated for projects, the U.S. air force, reports TASS text of the article publication.

Next year, says Defense News, funding for military facilities that are built pursuant to the European defense initiative (EDI), will be increased to 6.5 billion dollars from 4.8 billion dollars this year.

These measures, according to the Pentagon, will allow the USAF to quickly meet the needs of American troops in the event of “sudden invasion of Russia” in any of the Eastern European countries, the newspaper said. This created considerable stocks of military equipment in the “original NATO countries”: Germany and the UK – as well as rekonstruiruet aviation infrastructure of the Eastern European members of NATO.

The publication explains that the US is not establishing new military bases in former Soviet States, but plan to substantially upgrade the existing transport infrastructure.

Leading expert of the Washington Center for strategic and international studies mark Cancian notice that this will greatly facilitate the task of strengthening allies in the event of a crisis.Note that increasing U.S. military forces not only in Eastern Europe. So, Pentagon chief James Mattis said that Washington should intensify its activities in the Arctic, expanding the presence there of the U.S. Coast guard.