The people of Kiev told when to resolve the problem of traffic jams

The situation becomes complicated from-for repair of roads.

In the capital boom to repair the roads. Work is underway at dozens of sites in different parts of the city. At city hall report that slow down the rate they are going, and until the end of the year promised to upgrade 300 km of roads. For the last four years in Kiev has repaired more than 667 km, which is almost 40% of the total number in the capital, preedit with reference to

According to “kievavtodor”, now rekonstruiruet Predslavinskaya St., Yaroslavov Val, Kulzhenko, Nazarovskaya of the city, Generala rodimtseva, the prospectus Bazhana and Palladin. They will repair all summer. Workers are changing road surface, equip sidewalks, paving rainwater catchment. Repair and overpasses at the intersections: the prospect that Komarova Blvd. Havel, the prospect that Kurbas and Hnat Yura street and pokotylo. In early July, should begin preparatory work on the reconstruction of the Shulyavska overpass. Next to the bridge has already built a temporary village for construction workers and adjacent site lucky boards, concrete blocks, road signs and informable.

Please be patient

Plan to finish by the end of June and the repair of the street Teligi (from prospect to the Bandera up to the street.). The cost of the work is about UAH 200 million. Street repair began last year. There is already changed to the road surface and continue to build a new sidewalk. Hard at work on the overpass at the intersection of the street Teligi and Cyril. Because of this, it is difficult for about two months, and drivers are forced to stand in the eternal traffic jams and to move partially in the opposite lane.

Do not hide the capital’s motorists their discontent and partial restriction of traffic on the bridge Paton. Until the end of summer there should fix the superstructure design.

“The feeling that the Paton bridge repairing constantly and never finished the job. And so almost the whole city is gridlocked,” says the driver Rostislav Baby.

In “Kievavtodor” ask drivers to be sensitive to the constraints, and repair of these facilities this year they will not be limited.

“Overhaul awaits the prospect of Stepan Bandera, Sophia square, St. Leontovich and Academician Tupolev, the Metro bridge, the overpasses at the intersection of Bogatyrskiy the prospectus Obolonsky and Stepan Bandera”, — told in the “Kievavtodor.”Check

Continue gorvlasti to deal with unscrupulous contractors that poorly repaired intercity travel. The main claim — do not report to the asphalt, and its density is much below the standards. Because of this, on recently refurbished roads have cracks and holes, sank the storm drains.

“Checks conducted since the beginning of the year. The specialists who perform them, has revealed flaws almost 60 sites. Contractors must carry out warranty repairs (over five years), and at some sites they have done. Those who refuse, may face criminal responsibility,” — said in the KSCA.