The Network has shown, in what has become a sea in Sevastopol

In a sea of discarded plastic, foam, and polyethylene.

The sea in Sevastopol in Russian-occupied Crimea covered a variety of waste and kind of a dump, reports citing .

The corresponding photos are published in the Crimean Twitter banderovets.

Pictures were taken in artillery Bay. They can be clearly seen that the water drop plastic, polystyrene and polyethylene.”I have pictures from this place. People were here, kapets! A lot of ships and ferries. Coasted with the car in Uchkuevka. People fotkat, cotton candy everywhere, trade, children’s laughter, joy, beauty. What you the fuck turned the Ukrainian Sevastopol”, “Where the Russians, there is the eternal srach”, “Well, really, never been so dirty”, “you are lying, specially inserted to show, nezabudok will naprostem, can you repeat that” – comment on photos in the Internet.

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