The militants forced the OSCE to drive through a mined road

According to the OSCE observers, anti-tank mine TM-62 with wire remote control was on the way in Petrovsky.

Drunk fighters made a patrol of the special monitoring mission to drive through a mined road in Petrovsky, 41 km from Donetsk. About it reports a press-service of the mission, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

Observers noticed a suspicious object half-buried in a small indentation on the end dug across the road ditch. The first car of the convoy stopped at a distance of approximately five metres to the East of the subject and the second at approximately 10 metres to the West.

The OSCE’s assessment, it was anti-tank mines (TM-62) with a wire remote control, stretched out to mine out of the shrubbery on the North side of the road, and the mines further South across the road to the recently dug ditch, consisting of several small circular pits, filled with rubble.

The OSCE noted that when the convoy stopped, it came from the East Thriller with signs of intoxication, and told them to leave the area.

“Despite the fact that the mission team pointed out to him the presence of mines, he did not allow the first car to drive in the Eastern direction, leaving observers with no choice but to go back to the West through a gravel-filled ditch near the identified mines”, – said the press service.SMM patrol drove as far away from the mines on the South side of the road and then returned to base in Donetsk.