The legendary David Lynch series could get a

“It would be a wonderful adventure” – shared thoughts Director.

It seems that the Director left unanswered questions after the release of the long awaited, third season last year, reported, citing .

Day, during the autograph session at the book launch of memories “Room to dream” (or “Space for dreams” — Room to Dream), written by David Lynch in collaboration with journalist Christina McKenna, the Director was asked whether he was planning to continue the story of the character of “twin peaks” Carrie Paige (the double adult of Laura Palmer, which agent Cooper meets in the finals the previous season).

Lynch gave no specific answer, but said that this storyline gives him peace and “calling”, although you can’t just talk about the new location: “there is a lot of interference.”

What obstacles – is unknown. Last year the Showtime channel, which is engaged in the production of the third season of “twin peaks”, had expressed the desire to continue cooperation with the Director. On the fourth season of the series, said the actor Kyle MacLachlan, who played agent Cooper. “I think it is quite possible. It would be a wonderful adventure. I would have dropped everything to do a sequel”, said MacLachlan.

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