The Gulf of Thailand has sharply words for the first time

The reason for the disappearance of the water not clear yet.

The Thai people wondering: the shore of the Gulf of Thailand at the moment absolutely dry, as the water receded two km. As noted by the citizens, before anything similar did not happen, reported, citing .

Experts, in turn, is also unable to explain the anomaly. According to them, the water usually disappears after the earthquakes occurring deep under water. Then, the sea level returns: at one point formed a huge tsunami wave.

In the Gulf of Thailand no underground activity was not observed, so the question about the disappearance of the water remains open. Tsunami, by the way, was not there.

Experts believe that the anomaly is somehow associated with the occurrence of the strongest hurricanes in the ocean. However, again, in the ocean of storms on the day of departure didn’t happen.Now the Thais actively collect the remaining shellfish, and just walking seemed the seabed.

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