The EU imposed sanctions against the two States

Sanctions imposed on seven officials of Myanmar.

The European Union imposed sanctions against 11 officials of Venezuela in connection with the past may 20, in the Republic of presidential elections, which, in the opinion of the community, were not free and fair. Also the sanctions imposed against seven officials of Myanmar in connection with human rights violations that affected the representatives of the ethnic Rohingya. This is stated in the statement of the EU Council, which is meeting on Monday in Luxembourg.

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“June 25, 2018, the Council decided to introduce restrictive measures against 11 individuals, holding official positions, — stated in it. — These persons are responsible for human rights violations and the undermining of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela.”

The document emphasizes that today’s decision is a continuation of the conclusions of the EU Council of 28 may in which the European Union has recognized the elections of the President in Venezuela is not free and not fair, calling for a new election process.

As for Myanmar, the report says: “Persons placed under sanctions, hold positions in the army, border service and police, they are listed due to the fact that are involved or associated with violent and serious human rights violations against members of ethnic Rohingya in Rakhine state in the second half of 2017”.The situation in the state worsened on 25 August 2017, when the militants of the movement “the Arakan Rohingya salvation army” attacked the 30 strong points of the police. After that, security forces of the Republic began in the region of a military operation. According to official figures, the clashes killed 414 people. In Bangladesh, ran for nearly 700 thousand Rohingya.

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