The activists, who defeated Roma camp in Kyiv, has revealed details of the attack

The activists explained their motives.

On the academic campus activists attacked a camp of Roma to “make the lives of ordinary Ukrainian citizens a little easier,” reports, citing .

In Kiev, the activists destroyed the camp of the Roma. This was stated by the representatives of the organization “Nemesis”.

“Recently our activists on the complaints of local residents visited the Gypsy camp in the woods near the metro station “Akademgorodok”, where more than twenty of the Gypsy shacks,” said a nationalist organization.

According to activists, Roma “according to custom, threw the trash house that does not suit locals who are accustomed to walking in the woods or near a Playground”.In Kiev, the activists destroyed the camp of the Roma (photo:

“To somehow change the situation, we decided to make a Gypsies warning visit, during which the “treated” their explosive and hot gifts. During the visit we managed to scare the pests and destroy a few tents near where we found the mountains of syringes, bottles of alcohol and medications. Of course, in the camp-dump it is difficult to understand, but it is clear that for the Gypsy preferences, drugs and their proliferation was one of the main way of earning money”, – stated in the message.In Kiev, the activists destroyed the camp of the Roma (photo:

The defeat of Tabor activists filmed, but published only a few photos. This, they said, is “only a conspiracy and banal safety rules”.

“Our activity is not a HYIP and not a desire to be “in trend”. Local tired of thieves, drug dealers and other ur*dy Gypsy camp – we tried to do everything to the lives of ordinary Ukrainian citizens were at least a little easier,” – said in “Nemesis”.The defeat of the Roma Tabor in Kiev (photo:

“Since Gypsy ur*dy, anti-Ukrainian “human rights” and the police are in a coalition against the Ukrainian people, we have to resort to stealth and act in the shadows. But that won’t stop us. To be continued. Further – more,” – said the activists.Note that the “Nemesis” positioned themselves “unite nationalists and concerned citizens who are tired of playing the political correctness, trembling over their own image”.A screenshot of the post (