Than useful young beets: the answer nutritionists

The young beet season is in full swing.

Beets are enriched with a range of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, organic compounds, amino acids and other nutrients that provide health benefits.

The young beets all of these useful components are concentrated, and therefore, nutritionists recommend not to miss the opportunity and include it in your daily diet.

The root is considered to be one of the most useful, because:

– has a rejuvenating effect;

– prevents the early aging as it contains antioxidants;

– strengthens protective functions of an organism due to the large reserve of vitamin C;

– maintains vision and cares about the health of the eye, saturating the blood with vitamin A;

– protects from anemia, enriching the body with iron and b vitamins;

– dilates blood vessels, so is considered to be one of the best ways to lower blood pressure;

– increases endurance, but because the beetroot juice is recommended to drink athletes;

– takes care of the heart muscle, supplying her nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins;

– improves functioning of the thyroid gland, as iodine-rich;

– prevents the development of cancer, promoting the excretion of free radicals, toxins and other harmful substances;

– cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism;

– helps to lose weight if you eat beets raw with vegetable oil, this effect is due to laxative properties.As you can see, the useful properties of beets so much that to abandon her silly.