Tesla has equipped the Model 3 unusual function

The American company is trying to complement their cars, a huge number of functions.

This time the Tesla Model 3 provides a new offline feature called Summon, writes with reference to .

This addition allows the automobile to drive into the garage without the driver’s help. By pressing a special button on the key or the mobile app, Tesla, unmanned model can come and go from the garage. Noted, earlier Summon was available for Model S and Model X.

Model 3 also gets an access point Wi-Fi (up to this point the vehicle had to use a wireless data transmission LTE), and protection from overheating of the cabin. This is especially useful in hot climates, because the technology prevents the temperature has exceeded 40 degrees for 12 hours after the driver left the car. Function is perfectly suited for people looking for a long period of time to leave in the back seat of a child or pet.

Current update would like to remind customers that Tesla is configured to provide the maximum number of technologies to meet their needs.