Tesla cars do not save the ecology of the planet

Ecology applied not only when operating a car.

Experts have found out that neither the model itself nor the Tesla Model S production are not environmentally friendly and have a negative impact on the environment less than cars with internal combustion engines.

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During the research, experts Tracking the Doctor learned that the production of electric vehicles of harmful substances into the atmosphere goes as much as in the application of modern cars with internal combustion engines running on gasoline.

It is noteworthy that a few years cars, Tesla has positioned itself as the most environmentally friendly and was recognized as a breakthrough in the automotive industry.

Moreover, the harm to the environment is applied not only in the operation of cars, but also in its production.It becomes apparent that while electric cars do not move to renewable sources of energy, the ecology of the planet will be in danger.

We must admit that Tesla is working in this direction and it is possible that soon there will be cars with renewable batteries.