Suprun told why e-cigarettes are no better than ordinary

Fans of “float” needs to think about their health.

Almost every fifth adolescent (13-15 years old) in Ukraine smokes electronic cigarette. Despite the fact that the new-fangled gadgets are designed to free smokers from their dependence on tobacco, the acting Minister of health of Ukraine considers this dangerous trend. EtCetera figured out why.

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On his page on Facebook acting Minister of health Suprun says that the use of e-cigarettes non-smokers (especially children and adolescents) can lead to nicotine addiction and increases the risk of transition to regular cigarettes.

Ulyana Suprun, acting Minister of health of Ukraine:

Electronic cigarettes are touted as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes. In recent years their popularity has increased dramatically. They include: “e-cigarette”, “electronic hookah”, “fashion”, “weepy” and “electronic delivery systems nicotine”. The number of consumers of these products in the world constantly increases – from 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. However, so far there are no studies which would indicate that the transition from cigarettes to electronic analogues is a good solution. There are studies that suggest that the use of e-cigarettes nonsmokers, especially children and adolescents may lead to nicotine addiction.Center for control and disease prevention in the US indicates that overall electronic cigarettes less harmful than tobacco, although in most liquids for electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which causes addiction.

Today, researchers can’t answer the question: “What effect Smoking electronic cigarettes can give in the long run?”. But because of electronic cigarettes should refrain as well as conventional – says Suprun.