Shakira has okonfuzilos in front of the fans because of the “Nazi” medallion

Chain with a pendant worth $ 10.

Colombian singer Shakira in the framework of the world tour has released a line of accessories, including users saw the Nazi symbol.

This writes with reference to .

Gold chain with a pendant worth about $ 10 reminded fans Shakira Nazi symbol “Black sun”, which was also added the inscription “Shakira” and “world tour Eldorado”.

Many users have accused the singer of reckless use of such ambiguous symbols. “Dear Shakira, you know that your medallion represents an important Nazi symbol, common SS during the Nazi era?”, “The Nazi symbol as a decoration for your international tour? You really, Shakira?” and other messages left by fans on social media.

Scandal on the network, quickly responded to the promoter of the tour, which noted that apologizes for accidental similarity, since on this medallion in the reality depicted pre-Columbian symbolism.”We sincerely apologize for this unexpected similarity and permanently removed the product from sale,” said the promoter. After this announcement, the medallion disappeared from the official online store and Facebook.