Scientists have suggested that there are, not to grow old

Nutritionists say that certain foods can stop the natural aging.

When the human body gets old, first seen in his appearance.

In women wrinkles, and men can start losing hair and appear bald.

To prevent premature aging, doctors suggest there are often products rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. These substances can slow age-related changes.

What to eat to stay young:

Red fish – enriched in polyunsaturated fatty acids, preventing the loss of subcutaneous cells.

Avocado is a natural source of omega-3 that preserve the skin’s elasticity and prevent wrinkles.

Turmeric is the most effective spice in the fight against aging and a number of diseases. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and can rid the body of toxins.

Carrots is the most affordable vegetable that cares not only about eye health, but also on the skin.

Tomatoes – contain vitamin C and lycopene that interact with each other retain skin elasticity and protects it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Olive oil – this vegetable oil is enriched with vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids that make skin and hair stay young and full of energy.If the daily diet is to contain at least one of the above products, you can postpone the aging process.