Russian security forces came to the activist of the song

The police were going to file a report.

In Krasnodar Krai the staff of the Centre for combating extremism (center “e”) came home to the activist Danilo Engenio over a song published in “Vkontakte”.

This writes with reference to .

We are talking about posted on the page Pinzhenin in “Vkontakte” the song “White world” group “the Capital city”.

Pinzhenin said that on 18 June came the three at the Center “e”, which indicted him in the publication of information prohibited extremist content.

“As I understand it, the police were going to be on me Protocol and bowed to the fact that I was intent on the spread of extremist songs. Not even explaining anything really, I in the affirmative saying that I’m an extremist and I will punish on all severity of the law”, — the activist told.

He added that he refused to speak with the security officers without a lawyer and said they’re not coming to the office without a summons. “The agenda they never left, only continued to threaten some kind of punishment,” added Pinzhenin.”I couldn’t even understand what this song is, as he has never listened and never distributed. I have four thousand songs in the audio recordings, and police are among those songs could only find one for which they were able to make a claim”, — the activist told.

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