Russian scientist told about the plan of creating a superpower nuclear missiles

According to the developer of the Soviet missile Aliyev, Russia wants to return to the Soviet project for the manufacture of torpedoes with a range of 50 km.

Russia is considering creating a heavy duty torpedo with a nuclear warhead. On 25 June, the developer of the Soviet missile academician Shamil Aliyev said in an interview with RIA Novosti writes citing .

According to him, now there is a tendency to return to previously unrealized ideas. In particular, “the revised views of a theoretical physicist Andrei Sakharov for the manufacture of torpedoes 24 meters in length, with a diameter of half a meter with a nuclear warhead and a range of 50 km.”

“The task of such weapons – the destruction of objects on the coast by the explosion in water,” – said Aliyev.

According to the scientist, the idea was not implemented in the USSR”, not because of bad work, but because of lack of funds”.

Aliyev acknowledged that each new suruma weapons system is “a bad system, as it all more perfect and more and more dangerous for the world and man”. Thus, “the growing unpredictability and uncertainty”, he concluded.

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