Russian police caught drug trafficking

The staff of Lenin regional Department for control over drug trafficking of the Russian Rostov-na-Donu understand the name of his unit too literally.

She just took all of the drug trade in their area under their control. Witness the shocking results of the investigation conducted by the Department of own safety of the MIA of Russia in the Rostov region, writes with reference to .

The extent of the commercial activities of the police greatly surprised the officers of CSS. In the office of the chief WINDOWS of Lenin regional Department of police was discovered more than 10 kilos of illegal substances. Prices on the black market all of these doses in total could bring drug dealers in uniform a few million dollars.

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Also in the office of the chief of Department on control over drug trafficking found a Libra. They, as suggested by the investigators, was used for packaging illegal substances at the doses.

In the end, police will likely have to change cozy rooms to prison cells: currently solves a question on excitation against them criminal case under article 228 (drug trafficking), 285 (abuse of power), 286 (excess of powers of office) and 303 (falsification of evidence and the results of investigative activities). Of the bodies of internal Affairs they have been dismissed with negative wording.

I wonder what “passed” the drug police operatives of CSS, their own agent and part-time drug dealer. For “work” on its territory militiamen-the werewolves demanded regular offerings — in the form of money, and in the form of illegal goods. When rates have risen to frankly unacceptable, “the pusher” decided to take revenge.

As for the head of the Lenin district Department of internal Affairs Evgeny Yakimenko, direct supervision of which served as police-officers, he managed to get off easy fright in the form of strict reprimand. The police boss regretted just because he left just two months to retirement.

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