Russian journalist-propagandist swore on camera. Video

The journalist did not even apologize for their trick.

Russian promoter Artem Sheinin swore during a broadcast on “the First channel”.

It happened when master talked about the crushing defeat of the Russians against Uruguay in the match of the 2018 world Cup. This writes with reference to .

The promoter was so fascinated by this story that at some point went to the Mat. “Comrade writes me: “All idiots, this world Cup… Immediately povylazili all our Dolby****ZM,” said Scheinin.

After the controversial presenter announced on air mats, he for a moment stopped, said “Oh” but did not apologize to the viewers and Studio guests for the use of profanity. By the way, the well-known Russian promoter were in the “Peacemaker”.

Famous Russian propagandist and host of “Time will tell” on the Russian “First channel” Artem Sheinin was listed in the “purgatory” of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”. This was reported on the website. “

Anti-Ukrainian propagandist and ukrainophobe. Provocateur. Deliberate violation of the State border of Ukraine with purpose of penetration into the occupied Russian Crimea”, – stated in the message of “Peacemaker”. In the base of the criminals said that he is mentally unstable and is a person with deviant behavior.