Renault showed a new pickup truck Alaskan

The car was shown to the public during the recent Grand Prix of France.

This is not the first special model of the French brand dedicated to its own Formula 1 team. And, as it turned out, no space in the new truck, writes with reference to .

For the first time Renault has built a special model of your car on the Formula 1 back in 1994. It was almost a racing minivan Espace. It was built in a single copy and was a racing chassis and engine that was covered with a plastic body, similar to a family van.

Liked the idea, and now Renault with an enviable constancy is “Formulaic” version of their cars. The last time it was basically a “semi-commercial” technique – Kangoo, Trafic and Master. And now there’s a pickup truck Alaskan Renault Formula Edition.

From the usual pick-up “racing” version is actually just the color, which,as planned, had to repeat the coloring racing cars of the same team. Was controversial. Renault Alaskan black as night. And the yellow accents on the cab and body quite a bit. A little on the front bumper strip along the doors the same on a tubular frame in the back and on the rear door of the body. There is also yellow accent on totally black rims.

Actually this whole sport and ends. Under the hood of a pickup truck Alaskan Renault Formula Edition with a standard 2.3-liter turbodiesel engine rated at 188 forces and torque of 450 Nm. Renault claims that this is the most economical engine in the class, which is enough for any task on the pavement, and far beyond it.

Where, when and for how much Renault will sell its special model, and whether this will happen is not yet known.