Psychologists shared the main secrets of female attraction

These tips will help girls look better in the eyes of men.

Every girl wants to be popular among the opposite sex, to please men. But not everyone understands that beauty does not play almost any role and not even the important thing is to please a guy during sex, according to .

It is only important charm that makes it totally irresistible in the eyes of others. So, let’s talk about how to become truly attractive and alluring, adhering to a few simple rules.

Flexibility and ease.
To have a flexible, slender figure, and be graceful enough to play sports. Also you will have a positive impact dances, due to which the gestures and the gait will become graceful, flowing and light.

Charming smile.
Everyone knows that cheerful smile gives beauty to any person. The man with a smile on the face is perceived as an open, sociable person. So remember that girl a sincere smile coming from the soul, always unwittingly attracts people.

Beautiful voice.
The tone of your voice plays a very important role, with the help of it you can create about yourself some impression to become an interesting man. It is already almost no matter what you say. The voice should be smooth, not loud, but not quiet, not high and not low. It is best to find the middle ground. For voice you can turn to a speech therapist or otolaryngologist, as well as to do special exercises. Model the sounds that you can not or get worse, speak them clearly. A little time – and you put a good voice, thereby positioning themselves to surrounding.

Slightly adjusted to make the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers and giving them a special elongated shape and proper combing of the lashes towards the corners of your eyes, you will give to your cheerful face and pleasant expression. You can make a small up arrows that go in the direction of your smile. These are cosmetic details, which is not a sin to use it. Also cosmetics will help you hide the flaws. For example, to remove freckles on the face.

The correct posture.
One of the important features of condominiums and correct posture. In any case it is impossible to slouch, the head should be kept straight. There is one simple exercise, which can be used to form your posture. Putting some object on the head, like a book, walk around the house. Posture try to keep always: when you walk, sit, climb stairs, bend and so on.Graceful gait.
For a beautiful gait, correct posture, the placing of the feet and smooth steps. Use exercises that perform model. Not swing, not shaking hands, try not to rush. This will help you to align your gait and make it more elegant.