Police took custody of a Roma camp

The attack occurred late on June 23.

Lviv police took custody of a Roma camp, in the night of 24 June was attacked by armed teenagers.

This is with reference to the press-Secretary of the Lviv police Svetlana Dobrovolskaya, writes with reference to .

“The Roma from the camp, under Sokolniki, which made assault Teens, not resettled, but the police have taken the object under protection”, – she said.

In addition, the Agency added that Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy has expressed its intention to provide Roma victims with temporary housing.

The attack on the Roma camp on the outskirts of Lviv occurred late on 23 June as a result of attack one person was killed and four were injured.The suspects in the attack on the Roma camp in Lviv admitted their belonging to an unregistered organization “Sober and angry young people”, which used the symbolism of the ultra-nationalist organization Misanthropic Division.