Player not allowed on the air for long hair

In Iran there is no law that determines what length of hair men allowed.

Spanish footballer Carles Puyol came to Tehran to participate in the programme dedicated to the match between the national teams of Iran and Spain, and was planning to comment on the game together with an Iranian journalist Adel Ferdosipour.

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However, this did not happen. And all because of long, curly hair of Carles.

However, in the code of the Iranian football Federation says that the clippers players should not promote foreign culture. Local channels adhere to this provision.Interviews (of Carles Puyol – 24 channel) was canceled at the last minute. Why? Because his hair is too long! Is not that silly? Carles now feels the pain of Iranian women. We are banned for 40 years. Shame that all that hair– said one of the Iranian journalists on his Twitter page.

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