Physicians are reminded why the beach should not drink alcohol

There are many reasons why on a hot beach do not drink alcohol.

The beach is not the beach, if you do not miss a glass or two of cold beer. But experts do not recommend. They do not recommend on the beach to drink. What is the reason?

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By and large, it is not recommended to drink not only on the beach, and as a whole. But if you throw this bad job is not going to have to give up at least on the beach. And here’s why.

Imagine the scenario. You drifted off. In principle, on the beach, and so often draws on sleep. And when solid nakachatsya beer (it is, by the way, has a “gnawing“ effect / to you this is clearly not news), can’t sleep at all unrealistic.

And if you’re not wearing sunscreen (of course not smeared, how to take it at your condom purse), even after half an hour lying in the sun can burn completely. Yes, summer ultraviolet light — he is. In the end, your skin is on fire, constantly smeared with sour cream, to dress properly at night normally I can not sleep, almost disabled… well, dear reader, don’t fall asleep on the beach under the sun. And don’t drink.How many do not drink — do not drink
Beers drank — pee “in little“. Again drink again celebrated. And so the whole day riding up and down, thus washing out from itself, salts, minerals and other nutrients. No, this is not propaganda “to drink something stronger“. This is to ensure that you should have taken a bottle of plain water without gas, drank a little bit “all the way“, carefully maintaining the water balance and not forcing the kidneys to excrete fluid, and the legs — to run to the toilets.

Alcohol calories
Salted fish, chips, French fries, barbecue, all this beer and vodka — yum-yum, beauty. And she’s pregnant… I mean with a giant belly. Besides all of the above — the thing is terribly salty. Salt — and without that not the most useful ingredient. So it also retains water in the body. You’re definitely not lighter, not thinner.

Definitely not the way to lose extra pounds. So just get fatter.