Orbiting the earth recorded an unidentified metal object

Photo taken from the ISS.

A Web camera mounted on the International space station, caught in the lens of another unidentified flying object in earth orbit, reports citing .

And this time managed to record a tireless researcher of Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degterev.

“At first I thought it was an asteroid, he wrote in his comments to the video (see below), but then I realized that the subject is too correct a spherical shape, moreover, reflects sunlight, so its shell is metal”.

It is possible that the camera shot the moon, but the moon at this time was from the other side of the planet. So anyway, it turns out that the ISS again recorded a UFO, most likely, another alien ship.Assessment degtereva, caught UFOs are of enormous size, took it off at the time when the alien ship flew nal Algeria, although his land could hardly see/And more: as expected, NASA officials immediately shut down the cameras of the ISS, therefore, to doubt that this object is of alien origin, it is not necessary…

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