On the original images, NASA found traces of photoshop

The space Agency suspected of concealing information method of retouching.

Ufologists were surprised to find that the staff of the American space Agency NASA on pictures of Triton, made during a space mission New Frontiers, carefully slipped–retouched some areas – clearly hiding the most important thing that caught the lens of the space probe, reports citing .

Conspiracy theorists immediately speculated that these photos are clearly “drawn” mysterious structure, proving that the Triton, and our Moon is an artificial object, a man-made satellite, podtaschennogo Neptune aliens.

This theory is supported by many facts. For example, Triton moves in a retrograde orbit, consists of a stone shell that only covers some of the metallic core. In fact, this all looks like a huge spaceship. The same space ship (with the same parameters) in the ancient sources is called our Moon.According to the calculations of astronomers Triton really “arrived” to the Neptune of the deep of space, slowed down and stood on today’s orbit. It is also amazing that newt has a perfectly round shape. Moreover, this unique companion has its own atmosphere and photographs the surface of this satellite of Neptune it is possible to catch even the network of roads, canals, and buildings and much more.

But that could still cover up NASA scientists that this supernatural, they are found on Triton? Indeed, a very strange and mysterious…

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